DataGrid / storing massive data

don't know where to post this question. Could fit in several categories...

I'm currently working on a big project where we have a server (written in Java 1.6) and an client (Silverlight / C#).

At the moment we are in the concept phase for a DataGrid-Control.
And we're really struggling around with memory management on the server side.

Imagine following scenario:
- 1 DataGrid = 10,000 rows x 20 columns = 200,000 cells
- each cell has about 30 properties (forecolor, backcolor, value, ...)

That would make 6,000,000 properties the server has to store - PER DATAGRID!

If there are 10 users, each one viewing 10 datagrids this will exceed memory on every 32bit machine... (datagrids are by far not the only thing the server has to handle)

So how could this be done? How to reduce memory to an absolute minimum?
Any best practices?

Would really appreciate to hear your oppinions!

PS: Must say that we are not completely clueless. We currently have a not-so-bad attempt. But I'd like to hear your suggestions first. :)
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