Building a Dev Team

Hi my name is Mark,

Dev Team Name: Bluemoon Entertainment

Starting Project Name: Medieval Battleground

Description: A 3drts only playable online .. and when i say 3d I mean a mix of fps styles and rts styles.

Style of playing : Will be ftp and will allow in game point purchase for us to make money to help further development like League of Legends (I will explain that to ones interested)

Compensation: The first game will have to be understood that I do not have the capital to pay, once the games out and starting to make money every member will get a salary. Then at the end of the game being out a year a bonus will be given to every member for initial work done on the game. The bonus amount will depend on work done and how long you helped. I hope that's enough to please anyone interested because that's the best I'll be able to do. I could go find an investor and pay right off the bat but that would mean less of a salary and bonuses every member could get because an investor would want at least 30 - 50% of the company and all I can say is screw that!

What will be used : I'm planning on using Unity 3d, , from what I've been reading the scripting language it uses is java / c#/ c++ , models will be able to use blender, 3dsmax, maya .

What I need: I'd prefer college students but if you are comfortable enough in what you do and would like to help knowing how things will above then I'd love to have you on my team, If you do not know any language that is said that's needed but still would like to help please still contact me your talents will not go to waste I assure you. I'd like to have 10 - 15 core members and a full list of what I think I need will be available at along with my contact information..

Brief Game Description:

As i said above a 3drts, basicly throw halo wars and halo together in a 3d a world .. its going to be set in medieval times and will be ftp. I really dont want to give away more then that due to not wanting the info to get out.

If your interested please contact me at with your name and number (if in the U.S) and what position you would like, any questions, or post on this topic with your email and I'll contact you.

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