[UDK]Tactical Assault [Developers Wanted ]


Since 2007 we are developing Tactical Assault. It's the modern version of Tactical Ops that started 10 years ago and is still popular.

It's a semi realistic Tactical shooter. You got 2 sides, Special Forces and mercenary's battling in well ballanced maps with a wide arsenal of weapons.

Only infantry action ! We are not aiming on the big big marked that wants us to put vehicles ingame. It's just your skill and the skill of your team that can help you survive...

In 2009 we switched to UDK. Allot of stuff had to be made over, but now we are moving to our first Beta !

In order to push faster towards our first Beta release, we need a Experienced Weapon Animators with UDK knowledge and a Uscript coder to assist our lead coders.
we have also place for a character modeler/animator.

Tactical Assault is going to be a free game, we all work as volunteer in our spare time.
But you get some great portfolio pieces and experience, needed to grow further !

Do you think you got what it takes ?


We have been very busy the last few months concentrating on creating weapons, characters, and maps for our new shiny media page which has just gone live! Link: [url=http://tactical-assault.com/tamedia.html]http://tactical-assault.com/tamedia.html[/url]

Matt Lefevere has done a great job in rendering our handful of approved weapons in a UDK Scene. No, these are not in 3ds Max, Marmoset, or touched up in Photoshop.

These are all INGAME Screenshots!



More approved weapons can be found directly on our official site & forums:

---------- older media--------

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