Grey's Anatomy- VERY satisfied!!

I am the biggest [url=]Grey's Anatomy DVD[/url] fan, for two reasons, one I love the medical/life lessons feeling to it, and two because of the twist, turns and clifhangers at the end of every episode and season. [url=]CSI Miami DVD[/url] Season 1 to me was kind of slow, basically I believe because the writer wanted to give us the knowledge neccessary to understand some medical terminology. Season 1 for that reason was slow, [url=]Gossip Girl DVD[/url] but do not let that define your interest in GA, once you get to Season 2 you will not be dissapointed, and you will better understand the stories and the surprisess. So I gave this season 5 stars because like I explain is like a Medical book, yet for a great series it was the ground where everything was build. [url=]Family Guy DVD[/url] So get it, you will not be dissapointed at all.
Gray' Anatomay is a wonderful series. With Meredith it is so funny when things go wrong with her or she get upset what she dose is sleeps with every Tom, Dick, Harry that comes into a bar just to get herself back on track again lol, Hey I never thought of that . [url=]24 Hours DVD[/url] But what can I say what ever works for people to handle life lol.Then she meets up with Dreamys wife lord lol. But she dose slow down when she with Dreamy but that dose not take place any time soon. All in all very good show

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