modifying xml file using vb script

Hi, i have written a VB script which opens a xml file and replace the whole line if it founds a sub string of it, bleow i am giving you my script.

In the belwo script, it open the file "enduser.xml" and if any line contains the word "Check the new login value" then the whole line be replaced with a new

line that is ""

Set Filehandle = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set openFile = Filehandle.OpenTextFile("enduser.xml")
aText = Split(openFile.ReadAll, VbCrLf)
Set openFile = Filehandle.CreateTextFile("enduser.xml", True)
For Each srcLine In aText
If InStr(1, srcLine, "Check the new login value", 1) = 0 Then
openFile.WriteLine srcLine
openFile.WriteLine ""
End If

[b]My current Requirement[/b]:-

Now, in the same above same script i want to add a piece to check for a line called , if the line doesn't exist then it has to write below line of code (bold 4 lines) into the enduser.xml file. But trick here is it should not overwirte the file content, In the end of the file i have a line called

, these new lines should go on top of this line.



-----> [b]This is the last line of my file, the new code (above 4 flines) should appear above this line and a gap should be there between the new code and this line[/b].

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