how to get the first item in combobox

hello, i have a problem with combobox,
this is my code.

[code]Private Sub LoadDept()
conn = New SqlConnection("Data Source=EXCO-2B41B5;Initial Catalog=payroll;Integrated Security=True")
cmdUser = conn.CreateCommand
cmdUser.CommandText = "select * from department order by number asc"
daUser.SelectCommand = cmdUser
daUser.Fill(dsUser, "department")
dtUser = dsUser.Tables("department")
For i = 0 To dtUser.Rows.Count - 1
cmbDept.Items.Add("" & dtUser.Rows(i).Item(0) & "/" & dtUser.Rows(i).Item(1) & "")
Next i
End Sub[/code]

dtUser.Rows(i).Item(0) = first field in my table is "number"
dtUser.Rows(i).Item(1) = second field "division"

result in combobox

my question is how to insert into database, but the value it just the Item(0) "number" . not both.

Any kind of help would be appreciated.
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