Random Number Gen Not Quite Random

Hi all. This is my first time posting here. I have a tiny problem. I am just playing around with VB 2010 Express and when I create a random number not all numbers come up equally. For example, when I create a random number from 0 to 10 the numbers 1 to 9 come up with equal frequency but the 0 and the 10 only get generated perhaps as few as half as often. It doesn't matter if I change it to randomize 0 to 3 either. In this case it generates the 1 and 2 with equal frequency but the 0 and 3, being the "fence posts", only come up half as often.

My Code:

Dim shtRandomNumber as short
shtRandomNumber = rnd()*10

Currently I have this in a button click event but once I noticed the problem I put it in a loop to run it 1000 times and kept some stats in an array and viola. I noticed that whatever the range I use, the lowest and highest possible values only get generated approximately half as frequent as all the other numbers in the set. How perplexing!

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