power instuctions in polynomial equations?

Where would I find the instructions for powers, or exponets. Can you explain it in simpistic terms or point me in the right direction? Also how would you use that in a general fourth-degree polynomial Ax^4 + Bx^3 + Cx^2 + Dx^1 + E. I mean like using a loop function to decrement the power; could you also show me where to find the instuctions for the loop also. Just can't find the instructions for power or Loop(exiting with a zero).


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  • This post has been deleted.
  • If you want to use loop:

    mov eax,1
    mov ecx,4
    mul [x]
    loop mDeg

    , eax register will contain the result for x^4.
    If you want to use coprocessor commands, use this formula:
    . I recommend you to use loop.
  • Thanks for the help, but when you do the loop can you use the jump instruction and also would you decrement the exponet so that when you call the loop in main it will work with the appropriate coefficients?

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