Help using DataTable and DataGridView

Been reading lots of webpages. Trying lots of things.
The code below retrieves a DataTable or DataSet, but
I can't get the DataGridView to "show" the data.

(GenDB is a separate class with procedures where I
retrieve data from the MS-Access DB.)

What am I missing?

Dim tableSet As DataSet
Dim tableData As DataTable
tableData = GenDB.getDataTable(selectString)
tableSet = GenDB.getDataSet(selectString)

' Populate a new data table and bind it to the BindingSource.
BindingSource1.DataSource = tableData
DataGridView1.DataSource = BindingSource1

' Resize the DataGridView columns to fit the newly loaded content.
DataGridView1.AutoResizeColumns( _

Thanks for any help.
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