Need General Newbie Guidance


This is my first post, so bear with me! Wasn't sure which forum to post this to, but thought this might get me closest to my answer.

Looking to build a website application. I want to build an online scheduling application for a restaurant.

I have some very rudimentary programming and database skills. (I mean extremely rudimentary!!)

What Im wondering is, what language should I use to program this in? I am a blank slate, and will be learning this language from scratch.

My parameters are to keep the cost down to as little as possible. Free and opensource is fine with me. But if I needed to spend a little bit of money to have it current, I would do that.


1) Where should I host my website?
2) What database should I use?
3) Which web programming language should I use?
4) Reasonable time frame to learn and get this online, considering I have average intelligence?
5) Am I crazy?

Basic Functionality:
1) Back end administration for the schedule maker
2) Employees should be able to log in and submit time off requests, see schedule.
3) Enter and update shifts to be filled.
4) The program to run a matching scheme, where by the employees get married up to the shifts based on their skill vs importance of shift.
5) Produce a graphical output of schedule, which then could be emailed to the employees.

Thanks to all replys! ps..if this should be in another forum, please let me know!



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