Want to work with others to make our game ideas a reality?

Have you ever wanted to make a game where your voice is heard and important to the conceptualization & realization of it's development? Do you have free time and the will to work with a team of similarly-minded people and create a game together? To have the freedom & responsibility of a changeable schedule, and produce and develop the concepts we come up with together into a reality?

We're seeking assistance and help to form an independent game development team. Every individual has ideas and concepts, and we want to use that ambiguity and passion to help fuel game concepts and development as a team. I personally have always worked best with teams, and love to take in, discuss, and form off the ideas of all involved to make the best game. To use our individual skills and insight to take on the tasks of developing and releasing our games.

The team we are developing will be under the name,
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