Duplicating eBay listing title and image(s) to the description

Hi folk,

I have a question regarding eBay listing template. I am trying to find out how I can automatically copy/duplicate eBay item listing title and image(s) (in the top of the page) to the description area. I am working on a template for an eBay power seller who list 100s of items every week. He asked me to do this feature in his new template in order to save time, and avoid copying and pasting the item's title couple of times (one in the top of the page, which required by eBay, and other time in the description) as will as the items picture(s).

Since eBay require an item's title and image(s), that will be displayed to the customers in the search result as will as in the top of the item's page. My client needs to duplicate this data in his item's description automatically, without typing/uploading them twice.

Please let me know if there any way to do that, also if I need to clarify anything.

Thanks guys

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