New to VB, good choice to start?

I'm new to Visual Basic and programming in general. I'm in a college course "Computer Programmer" In this course we are focusing on VB as a start language, but I've heard that Python is a much easier programming language to learn first. I'm thinking of trying to learn python on my own time, but i'm wondering if it would be more productive to spend all my time learning VB than trying to learn 2 at once. I'm looking to go into a career in game programming, but i'm also very interested in "Quantum Programming" for Quantum computers which I believe is the future of computers/programming. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks for your time.


  • I teach both Python and Visual Basic to relatively novice programmers. For my introductory course I teach VB and I like it for many reasons. First off, you can create a window in an instant. Creating forms and buttons and using form events is a snap and it is actually very nicely integrated with Windows itself (and office too if you choose to). I like it as an introductory language/programming environment. That being said, it is a terrible environment for game design unless you choose to do direct x programming but that is a huge jump in complexity. If you choose to make turn based games with not a lot of movement or animation then VB will suffice and you can do well.

    Python is the language of choice for new programmers and game design. I use pygame within Python and again I love it. That being said, Pygame from within windows is a bit of a dog sometimes. It works and you can create some spectacular 2d games. But there are some issues like creating a key event to "quit" the game. If you use Ubuntu it isn't an issue. Go figure.

    In a nutshell. Either will work great for a new programmer. What you are after as a new programmer is to learn the "process of programming". For the most part, the language is irrelevant. Once you learn one language, others can be picked up very quickly. So don't think that in the end you want to be a game designer or whatever that you should start with a specific language. Learn the process first. Learn how to develop algorithms and think like a programmer. Once you have that then the rest will fall in to place.

    Hope this helps.
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