Sudden invalid referer error out of blue

I have been using the same sendmail script for over 4 years on my website. It has worked flawlessly the whole time. I started getting spam through my mail form. so i opened my processing doc and tried to add a line of code to implement a homemade "captcha" type deterrent hoping to help rid of these machines spamming me. The code i used is unimportant to the issue this has triggered because it has been deleted now because of this. Now I get a invalid referer error message!! I tinkered with it for hours, deleting the new code to even going to a back up copy from my external HHD and this error is still happening. Even with the original file that has worked for 4 years. Am i losing my mind here? I closed and cleared browser cache, i tried EVERYTHING to get this page back to original state and nothing works now. How can this be? How can a line of code mess up whole script, even AFTER the page has been restored to original state?!?!
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