simple game in ASP

I was order to write some simple RPG/strategic game using ASP,JavaScript, and MS SQL.
Something like RPG card game but online and real time.

Some basic elements:

1 there are a few teams in one instance of the Game.
1 There is a Game Master - creates Teams and Starts the Game.
2 Game ends after some period of time, for example 1 hour.
3 There are couple of random events, during the game.
5 Players should be convinced that it is real Time Game.
7 Teams will have some tasks to accomplish during the game, and proper score to win.

It is possible that in one time there will be more than 50 instances of the game running simultaneously, each with 10-15 players.


  • up.
    How about to use Web Service to run whole logic ?
    In that way every instance of game would be a threat ?
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