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Hi everyone

I am a newbie with respect to programming and this is my first post

I have a small problem, probably very basic to everyone except me, and would appreciate and value your advice

I have entered below a javascript I am using on my website. This script is designed to automatically insert videos based on keywords and works perfectly except that my visitors are taken away from my website when they use it.

Can someone please tell me what code to insert, and where, in order get the script to open in a new page.

I am aware how to do this in html using target ="blank" but do not know how to do it in javascript.

Thankyou in anticipation, the code I am using is below:

/* Do not change the values given below. */
var HostDomain_Organization_Name = "MySite";
var HostDomain_Organization_ID = "xxxxxxxx";
var HostDomain_Feed_ID = "xxxxxxx";
var HostDomain_DivId = "HostDomain_DivId";
var HostDomain_AppServerPath = "";

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