logged in Username of remote machine

Hi there,
I have a little problem!
I have an asset DB that i use to administrate users/machine on our domain.
as SysAdmin i sometimes need to force a reboot on machines which is all fine and dandy, but the other day, i accidentally forced the reboot of a machine which was being used by a user and she REALLY wasnt too impressed (lol).
to prevent this, i need a little msgbox yes/no to confirm the user of the machine before it actually reboots.
something like
"Are you sure you want to reboot " & MachineName & " while the user " & UserName & " is logged in??"

there is a nice little feature to get the username of your local machine:

UserNameWindows = Environ("USERNAME")
MsgBox (UserNameWindows)

But i need to be able to specify a remote machine Name/IP instead?!?!

Any ideas?!!

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