parallel dongle with EEPROM chips help/info?

Hey Everyone!

I have a question...

We've recently acquired a piece of software which requires a DONGLE to be placed on the parallel port in order for the application to run. No dongle, no dice. This was not an issue until an intern LOST the dongle (lost, she says!).

I have a couple of questions:

1) what is a parallel dongle that contains EEPROM chips?

2) what do these chips do?

3) is there any way to copy what is inside of the chip in order to view what is happening?

I am guessing that the application sends out a signal (some sort) to the parallel port, and the DONGLE if attached sends back a signal which tells the application to keep running. If the dongle is removed after successfully starting the program, after a period of time a message pops up saying to reinstall the dongle.

Any information anyone can shed on this, what is happening, how it works, what can be done, etc. is greatly appreciated. Pointers to online information is also appreciated.

PS - I've found from tech support that the memory address of the parallel port is 378-37f for the use of this dongle if that helps.




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