Learning java

Hi I am a beginner programer for the last 2 months I have been trying to understand what it means to be a programer and what do I have to learn for this.When I finally decided to learn a programing language about 3 weeks ago , I've goten the ideea from a friend that leaning a harder programing language at first will make it easier in the future to learn the simple ones so I started on Java(wich wasent very easy for me at first understanding the syntax and concepts of OOP programing but I've finaly wrapped my head around the basics).
From every article that I've read I understood that in order to become an programer I need a way of thinking.I've read in several forums that managing that can be done with practice but I cant find any type of exercises that I can do.In any other forum I've read people say practice but they dont mention any good resources.
I should also mention the the book I read is Head firs Java 2nd edition.Can anyone tell of a book with good exercises for someone like me or a website that will help me understand coding and become a good programer using Java?
Thanx in advance!


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