screen capturing of webpage

i am using IECAPT.exe for exporting the web page.IECAPT.exe exports it in image format
I m getting some problems related to IECAPT.exe.It is working perfectly on all operating system.
But when i deploy my ASP.NET application to windows Server 2003 then it is calling IECAPT.exe but exporting blank image with blackborder (frame).
Please help... I know this is rights relatedissue.
But i am not able to rectify it.Even On same server(2003) in debug mode it is working perfectly but not working in is the code for using IECAPT.exe for exporting

private void Export()
string param;
param = "";

string url ;

if (Request.Params["weburl"] != null)
url = Request.Params["weburl"];

Guid path = System.Guid.NewGuid();

string savepath = String.Format(Server.MapPath(".") + "\{0}.png", path);

System.Diagnostics.Process process = new System.Diagnostics.Process();

process.StartInfo.ErrorDialog = true;

process.StartInfo.FileName = Server.MapPath("bin/IECAPT.exe");

process.StartInfo.Arguments = String.Format(""{0}" "{1}" --delay=10000", url, savepath);

process.StartInfo.UseShellExecute = false ;


/// String strTmp = Server.MapPath("IECapt.exe") + " --url=" + url + " --out=" + savepath ;
// Interaction.Shell(strTmp, AppWinStyle.MinimizedFocus, true, 30000);

// Shell(strTmp, AppWinStyle.MaximizedFocus)


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