Trying to use CTabCtrl - VS 2010

Am trying to place child dialogs inside a CTabCtrl, using the example/tutorial at . I have now worked through the example twice and gotten it to build -- but it incurs an access violation on trying to Create my child dialogs, because GetParent() fails, because someone's (not sure whose) m_hWnd is NULL. I am sort of new to all this, don't know the particular operations that have to happen, in what order, or how I make that happen, to get m_hWnd NOT to be NULL at that point in the program.

Oddly, the downloadable .zip of source code linked from that site, after conversion to VS 2010, builds AND works, yet a diff between its files and mine shows only very minor differences, in areas that, as far as I can tell, don't seem to have any bearing on creating subclassed Dialog controls.

I would very much appreciate any light anyone can shed. Thanks in advance.
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