Need Assy help with Bios Patch

I am attempting to resolve an incompatibility problem with a Windows 2000 based Logic Analyzer and the bios (approx 1998). This system used the defunct APM method of turning off the machine at shutdown. This worked just fine when the computer ran Win98 but under Win2000 there were issues. There were countless problems between Win2000 when using APM and I've worked through ALL of them by researching the internet. I've managed to track down the issue as being a bios compatibility problem. I should mention that I get the blue screen of death when I attempt to shutdown my machine when APM is enabled.

I also have a burning desire to resolve this (I get a 'kick' out of the challenge). There is no chance of an updated bios so I've been attempting work through the problem. The old Win2000 APM standard had three methods of communicating with the bios, real mode, 16bit PM, and 32bit PM. Using Wndbg I've been able to break into the NTAPM.sys device driver and see where Win2000 attempts to communicate with the bios using the 16bit PM method.

I am only moderately skilled at assy and could use some tips on how to track down this problem and either patch the bios OR the ntapm.sys driver. I would appreciate any input that you have to offer.
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