New records from a combo box

Hi, I have a database with a main table called Faults in a form called Faults which includes fields Customerid and equipmentid, equipmentid is a combo box which allows user to choose a equipmentid from equipment table, this updates a subform SubEquipment to show the equipment details,but only those accociated with the current customerid. This works fine, but i would like to offer the user an option to add a new record if the entry in the equipmentid combo box doesnt exist, so that a new window opens with the form Equipment, ready to enter a new record but also to carry through to the new window, the contents of the equipmentid and customerid fields from the form window called Faults. can anyone help with the coding, I know I need to use the Not in List property of the combo box, but thats as far as i get. Thanks in advance

A newbie to programming
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