need urgent help regrading a macro

Hi , I m very novice to macros , I need a very needed help to construct a macro , actually i have a set of rows which contains few columns that have different numbers , I want to have a macro that would compare or check all the columns contain numbers and select the highest maximum value from the row and then it will compare the selected value with some number i.e if the selected highest number is 3 then it will check if 3 not greater than 5 , then it will simply put 5 in a blank cell within that row. And the macro would repeat the same for each row till the last.

I m trying to give you a visualization of the actual scenario:

Col A Col B Col C New Column
row 1: 4 1 7 if Col C(Max value) <=8 8 will be insert in this col
row 2: 5 8 10
row 3: 98 49 56

now the macro would start from row 1 compare Col A ,Col B, Col C and get the Highest value (e.g 7 for row 1) then it will check if value of Col C <= 8(this value will be in the macro itself) then it will simply put 8 in the Column new.The same will be repeated till the last row .

It will be highly appreciated if anyone can give me a macro doing the things i have mentioned for me. Thanx in advance
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