Cell Phone Watch with Nucleus RTOS

I'm new here so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right place. Please move to the proper forum if needed.

A few years ago cell phone watches (watchphones) came on the market. About a year ago I purchased one and immediately found a major shortcoming. Cell phone watches really need a bluetooth headset - and most come with one. The problem however is that none of the ones I've found offer 'Voice Activated Dialing'. The screens on these phones are quite small and trying to scroll through 'Contacts' (especially while driving is near impossible.) Watchphones need Voice Dialing. And, none that I've found offer this option.

Today, on eBay I noticed a watchphone that has just recently come to market. (Item number: 320705446038) Unfortunately, it doesn't offer Voice Dialing either. What got my attention was that its operating system is Nucleus RTOS. My question is, is it possible to develop an application, or in the alternative, to develop a new ROM for the phone which would allow for Voice Dialing through a Bluetooth headset? And, would any programmers on this website be willing to try?

If an application - or ROM- could be produced to Voice Dial through a Bluetooth headset for this watchphone it would become very popular, very quickly.

Any assistance would be appreciated.
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