interesting problem c#

k heres my problem. im trying to make a program that will upload a webpage in c#. (this is a online game) the way that they have set up the game is that the part of the page that is affected by the user is flash. now i want to do a couple of things to this page with this program such as clicking on part of the screen using the screens grid cords and then use the send keys function to input info into the selected area. now ive been working on this project for about 2months now and ive figured most of the problems out but theres 1 left that has me stumped. when you open a webpage and click on a link or button or whatever on the page there is a small lag b4 the next page is displayed. now i have a simlar problem in that when i click on button in the game theres a lag b4 the next window is opened but since this a flash element its not loading another webpage. my question is this how do i write code for this so that when i start my program the program will click on the screen somewhere then wait for a SPECIFIED AMOUNT OF TIME WHILE THE WEBPAGE IS STILL LOADING (say about 3 seconds delay)

ive already tried the .TIC function and it didnt work. it waited for the specified amout of time b4 the next action was taken but in the process did not allow the next form to come up. it paused the entire computer i wasnt even able to move the mouse.

ive also tried the THREAD.SLEEP() and got pretty much the same results except that i could move my cursor the entire time the program was paused.

ive also tried pausing it useing the system clock but no luck there either.

is there anything else that i can try?

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