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I just downloaded Free Pascal (2.4.2) and am eager to use it after many years with an older version. In the early exploring stage I have found that I cannot expand the 4 x 7.5


  • When I resized my window from 800x600 to 1024x768 things got smaller but easier for some websites to see everything. I suggest that you do a right mouse click on the Free Pascal IDE icon then do a click on the Properties and from there, change the various settings to get what you want. I didn't like the window size so I altered mine to be taller by going to the Layout tab and the Window Position and adjusting it.
  • Yes, your advice worked nicely. Thanks. However, when I make this adjustment it is not permanent (repeating each time app is opened). Do you need to adjust size each time you access the program?
  • Ok, right before you close out the [b]Properties[/b], you want to [color=Purple]click[/color] on the [b][color=Green]Apply[/color][/b] button in the lower right-hand corner, then [color=Purple]click[/color] the OK button. That's suppose to save the settings so that when you use the icon again, it uses the saved settings.
  • Until your note I was using the Properties associated with the running app window (summoned by a right-click on the tool bar). Following your note, I accessed the full Properties section (a right-click on the desktop icon). I exactly followed your direction (Apply >>> OK, which seems appropriate), to no avail; the app constantly opens up the small window.

    Unfortunately, I think I am cursed to forever manually re-size the 4x7" screen when using Free Pascal. Very strange/frustrating. Maybe I have some kind of maverick version. Thanks for all your help.
  • Did you ever get a solution Kingfish? No matter what I do I can't get any bigger than that original tiny window. I just want to use a bit more of my screen real estate!

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