Help with Java assignment

This is my java assignment. I really need help with it.
It is basicallY a Cyber Pet program where in you make the use of a GUI. Here is the file that you can download the whole question from.

You gotta have 2 packages : One for the GUI and the other for the CyberPet. The GUI package contains the GUI code . In the GUI package, there are 2 GUI.
GUI1 is a normal interface where it asks the user to choose the pet he/she wants. The feature of naming the pet also includes in this.
You can refer to this link .. I want the GUI to be somethin like this ..

Check out the combo box demo .. It should display the picture while selecting the choice of the pet.
GUI1 also has a button named "Enter".
When you click on ENTER , it takes you to another frame that has displays the picture of the pet in the centre.
The GUI2 should possess a
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