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One big problem with making games for computers is downloading them. So I figured a browser based game would be the best. However Java is one of the few programming languages that allow this. The only problem is that when you make a Java Applet the Graphics are not exactly the best. So i started research on whether or not it is possible to open up a JFrame by way of an applet. I have been very unsuccessful and would like to discuss whether there is any possible way to do this without extending the class as an Applet. Any input would be much appreciated.
-Daniel Berry


  • It is impossible to open a JFrame with an applet. If you want to do any graphics, you can do it in the rectangular region of the applet on a page. The graphics can be basically as good as your skills allow them to be, though.

    Computers are fast enough now that you could render some 3D graphics in an applet using purely CPU-based processing and keep a reasonable frame-rate. There are some ways to use OpenGL for 3D hardware acceleration in Java but have not tried hard at putting this in a Java applet.
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