I hate myself today!

Man - I'm having such a hard time. I need to hire a programmer for a very small job.

I have an online/offline indicator on my website that was built for my site. Programmer is long gone. I wanted to put this same script on my other website. Here's what I did.

Copied all the php files - ie settings.php db.php etc. I changed them all to point to the other website and put everything on the additional website with changes.

I went into the PHPADMIN of the site where the program actually works, and I exported the database in an sql file. I went into the new database for the additional site, and I imported the table.

However, the way it's set up is that it's keeping the same structure that the table had in the previous database - so if sales agents were online, they remain offline and I can not change that by logging anyone in or out?

I'm sure I'm just missing something, but I'm willing to pay some money to have someone just figure it out for me. I need communication via AIM or YAHOO - or phone =)

I know this is my first post - I'm not where near a programmer - just a girl who makes good guesses and fixing stuff, however this I can't fix.


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