Creating a Matlab GUI that displays equations

I am interested in writing a Matlab program that takes an equation input by the user, and performs error analysis calculations on it. The purpose of the program is to streamline error analysis calculations for lab reports. I want to be able to type in an equation in a GUI, and have the program display the equation in symbolic form ("handwritten" math), then perform the relevant calculations on the equation, displaying the symbolic expression at each step. I am unsure how to go about generating and displaying the expressions in a GUI. The programming of a custom GUI in matlab is carried out in an m-file, but symbolic calculations are handled in MuPad. Is there a way to access and use the functions of MuPad from the m file interface? I'm pretty stuck on this. There doesn't seem to be any documentation regarding displaying mathematical expressions in a GUI, just plots and stuff. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
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