Zooming on a rectangle in linspace (mandelbrot set)


I have this assignment and it is driving me nuts. I have written a Mandelbrot program, which works perfectly fine. But this next exercise they tell me to 'zoom' on a rectangle. The way my script currently generates the axes is:

xcentre = -.5;
ycentre = 0;

L = 1.5;
x = linspace(xcentre - L,xcentre + L,N);
y = linspace(ycentre - L,ycentre + L,N);

I also use this linspace to calculate my values (c = x(n)+1i*y(m);), though I think I'm almost at the solution, I'm just missing something.

The assignment is:
Write a Matlab script that displays the Mandelbrot set for the rectangles defined by the points c <-.4272+.5759i, -.3061+.6970i>, <-.7482+.0747i, -.7475+.0754i>, <-.7481+.0751i, -.7480+.0752i>, and
< -1.0600+0.2631i, -1.0590+.2641i>.

Could someone enlighten me? :D

PS: I would like to keep this as clean as possible. What I've learned from the previous assignments is that the solution is very short, but effective.
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