csv to xml convertion ! Please help...

Hello guys....

I'm not familiar at all with programming languages because i don't even study Informatics. I'm studying Social Sciences, but at one class we are having this semester, about computers and their effect in our society, our teacher made a small introduction to three computer languages that he thought we should know that they are out there. Java, C++ and Python.
So, to pass this class,we have a project to do and our teacher told us that we should find some ready code from any of these three programming languages and try to understand it and how it works, but he didn't stop there, and he chose the project for us : , anyway, and he told us the project would about csv to xml convertion . Well i read a little bit about what is csv and xml, but i don't have any clue about xml and how to do this. So if anyone can help me and send me some ready code about csv to xml convertion and a little bit explanation on it or point me to some site or anything else, it would be for me very helpful. I searched on the internet but i didn't find something completed.
Any help would be appreciated !
Thank you in advance !

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