Ruby on Rails/ PHP/Python/Asp/ Programmers

We would like to introduce Vpros Inc., a Houston TX based IT company solely concentrating in providing high-end programming solutions remotely. Vpros or Virtual Programmers is your programmer in the other room. Vpros has been providing highly skilled and experienced virtual programmers who would be present in your office virtually (remotely) every day for any duration.

********************************************** How it works *****************************************************

We would not like to use the term outsourcing since it works different with Vpros. Even though our virtual programmer works from our state of the art IT office in India, the project manager is sitting in Houston TX who will be closely monitoring and if needed communicating with both the employer and the employee at the same time. The employer assigns work to an employee to complete and your employee adheres to your instructions, directions, and guidelines remotely under supervision of the project managers sitting in our Houston TX office. Your employee will be dedicated and working only for You. You have the same level of control over a our virtual employee as you would have over an employee working in you office in US. You will be able to interview and test you candidates before hiring them and make sure it is the right employ for you. However no contact information of the candidate will be provided and the salary will be decided between the project manager in US and the employer. Vpros Inc. will be responsible for all the employee rights including payment, therefore the Employer in US will be making their payment to the Vpros Inc. account in US.

Most of our employees have experience ranging from 6-10. in the following technologies like ROR Ajax, Drupal, PHP, Game Developments, OScommerce, Magento, SQL Server, Oracle, QA, JSP/Java, Perl, Delphi, VB.Net/ C#, Pocket PC, Visual Fox, Cold Fusion, Software Development, testing, Web Designing and many more.

Appreciate your response for more details.


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