Connecting into a webhost (MYSQL DATABASE)

Hi everyone.. I'm glad if anyone could help me in my problem. I'm still a student and I'm not too familiar in creating online applications. Anyway here is the scenario.

I've already created my website that uses PHP as the language and MYSQL as the database. I've already uploaded everything in the site and seems like it's working properly. I'm already ok with that part wherein the website is already complete.

The problem here is that in our project. We're not only going to create a website (which I consider front-end or Client - WEB BASE). We are to create a website which is maintained by an application which this application is considered as the (back end or server - FILE BASE). The problem concerns in which what Programming Language should I use. Programming languages which I am familiar with are Visual Studio 2010, VB6.0, Java and C++. But if there any other language I can use to create the maintenance for my site. I'm going to study on it as soon as possible. Please provide information or tutorial on which I would learn to connect that Programming Language into (Mysql Database of my Webhost - Thanks in advance! I hope someone is kind enough to help me. I'll be really grateful if anyone could.

Anyway.. the reason why i've poster here in is that I'm really planning on using as the language. But I'm not really familiar and I can't think of any way to connect my VB Application into a Web Host like
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