Manipulating %~f1 type of variables

Hello all,

Please allow me to explain what I hope to achieve with the batch file I'm trying to create.

I have a bunch of .iso files (movies and TV shows) on a HDD(M:) that I would like to extract onto a second HDD (J:). I'm doing a for /R loop. I used the xcopy function to copy the entire tree structure on the first HDD to the second HDD. Here is some pseudocode I wrote

For /R PathIchoose %%A IN *.iso Do(
Get full pathname of current file in loop (which I can using %~fA) and store it in variable Fullpath.

Use string manipulation to remove the first letter in Fullpath (M:) and replace it with secondary HDD letter (J:)

7zip extract file %%A to path Fullpath

Can anyone please help me?
The problem I've stumbled into is that I can't store %%~fA in a variable that I can manipulate.

I'm running XP BTW.
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