Need Help With A Computer Hack

Ok, I'm on a school provided laptop that has their anit game software on it. They are using the Windows Network and some Novell Software I cant Identify.

The have restrictions on renaming .exe to winword and calc ect to get them to work, except if they are on C drive. Users dont usually have access to C drive but I have discovered a loophole via Adobe Bridge. I have a game that I need to Install onto my computer, I have coppied the files of the disc and onto my D drive and then copied them using Adobe Bridge to teh C drive. Auto Run Is renamed to calc inside a Zipped Folder becuase the Zipped Folders open out of Adobe Bridge into windows Explore. I have got it all perfect untill i go to run the file then i get a message telling that in the TEMP folder for my user, Access to AutoRun.exe is denied. I tried renaming it but that didnt work, It just created a new Autorun file.

Can anyone help me?? Im competent editing files with NotePad ect if somebody can instruct me?? Help Please??

Thanks In advance :):):)
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