any suggestions for a database design, here?

okay here's my problem.

i currently developing a web page that caters free video and audio downloading, but my biggest problem right now, is about the database design. why? okay, since my page will be all about video and audio downloading, meaning lots and lots multimedia files can be downloaded over a single title.

TV title #of episodes
Kanon 24

now, as you can see we have the title "Kanon" containing 24 episodes right?, now this is what i wanted to happen, let's say i 'am a visitor of the site, of course i would want to click the title (in this case "Kanon"), now after i click the title the information about the be said title should come up, together with the Episodes and their download links. that's what should happen on the client side, but the main problem lies on the server side (me, the site developer), since their will be multiple titles involved so most likely multiple numbers for each titles will most likely to happen, but unfortunately i don't know how to design such database.

let's say i have 2 tables, one for the titles while the other one is for the download links of the titles. here's my basic setting for the database design

movie_title_idnum PK NN AI
movie_title_names NN UQ

movie_episodelinks_idnum PK NN AI
movie_episodelinks_name NN UQ
movie_episodelinks_episodes NN UQ
movie_title_db_movie_title_idnum FK NN

as you can see on my first attempt, i have two tables, now let's say i will input a title in this case ("Kanon" again), of course since it's a title with more than 1 episode, then of course i should enter each of the episodes and it's download links, of course i could do that in php, and forms in html, by selecting the number of episodes and my page will automatically generate the exact number of forms to be used, now let's say i have the forms ready and i will be putting the episode titles and the episode download links, of course after submitting that the php will process that request using the multiple storing or simply by using arrays, now the problem is where should the episode titles and download links be putted if there is only 2 columns for that, 1 for the episode name and 1 for the download link of that certain episode, but i will be storing here a multiple episode titles and download links in one movie title.

so any suggestions guys?

hope you managed to understand my english... i 'm bad at english....

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