access instruction pointer


I wish to access the instruction pointer (mainly to confirm alignment in a release build)

I am using masm 64.

I have tried:

mov r11, rip

However, the assembler doesn't recognize "rip".



If I modify a compiler generated .asm file, can I simply replace any npad directives with the following line?:

align 16

Wouldn't that accomplish the same thing?


  • from the procedure you want to know the RIP from call a subroutine. That subroutine reads the return address from stack WITHOUT modifying the stackpointer, mov rax, [rsp - 8] (thats where the return address is on stack) and return to the caller with RIP from return address in RAX.
    A warning though is: if you are using assembly language in higher level languages (c++, ...) you must create a stackframe.

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