Need help with inline assembly in C code

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and hope you might be able to help me out?
So I've been given an assignment to produce this output:
[code]% ./hw3b foo
slow foo but foo sure
% ./hw3b XYZ123
slow XYZ123 but XYZ123 sure
% ./hw3b 'stinky junk'
slow stinky junk but stinky junk sure[/code]
using asm to insert the word/phrase, and only these libraries: stdlib.h, stdio.h, & string.h.
I've already done most of the the C coding (shown below) I think, but I'm stuck on the asm assembler code insertion.

char word[] = "here and there";
int sz;
int wordsz;
char *arg;
char *result;

int main(int argc, char* argv[]) {
if (argc != 2) {
printf("Usage: %s takes one string argument.
", argv[0]);

sz = strlen(argv[1]) + 1;
arg = malloc(sz);
strcpy(arg, argv[1]);
wordsz = strlen(word) + 1;
result = malloc(sz * wordsz);


*In here will be a loop which will use iter
to iterate one char (byte) at a time.
When it comes upon a space char it will exit
to the print statement, but when it comes
upon a newline, it will ret and exit*
//I'm thinkin of something like this, where temp_save is there
//to save the index of the beginning of the last word to
//provide a range ([temp_save,iter]) for strncpy()
//So essentially this will copy the correct range out of word
//and append it (followed by the keyword arg) onto result
strcat(result,"%s %s",strncpy(result,word+temp_save,iter),arg);


*If newline delimiter not reached, return to
previous loop*
", result);
return 0;
Herein lies my issue: how can I detect a space (' ') char using assembly?
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