Visual Basic 6.0 on Windows 7 - Help Pls

Hi..Can Visual Basic 6.0 can run on Windows7??..and if I develop an application using Visual Basic 6.0,can it also run on Windows 7??..


  • Well vb 6 works on win 7 32-bit OS (i.e x86) with some errors like when you drag a command button from one place to other then it will be shaggy while dragging.and also while deploying some of the .ocx added to the projects are outdated and no longer used by windows.but it wont cause you a problem because they are compensated by the advanced ones.and while installing the application written in vb 6 it will show a lot of copy errors depending on your windows build but just clicking IGNORE will make the installation success.on the vb 6 works perfectly with win 7 32-bit with some small but ignorable errors.i dont know abt 64-bits because i stopped using it long ago because it does not support 16-bit application such as c++ and cobol which im studying right now
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