Getting Errors when attempting to call dll built with Labview

I am attempting to call a .dll that was built with LV Application Builder, from Matlab. I am wondering if anyone out there has attempted this with success?

When attempting to load the .dll library with Matlab, I get 100's of warnings stating various functions found in a file called extcode.h were not found. Virtually none of the functions in the extcode.h file are actually used in the .dll I created. We have found that if we remove the include for the extcode.h from the ServoStepperController.h file, that the library will load with no errors. Does anyone know the purpose of the extcode.h file? Why is it needed when none of the functions in it are used by the dll? One of my co-workers has successfully build a dll that we can call from Matlab and he found that he had to delete the include for the extcode.h file.

When we get the library to load, we find that when we attempt to call the dll and hand off various command strings to be processed by the dll it fails to accept or respond to our commands.

My dll is a fairly simple application that takes a command$ and COM port number string and interprets it into the format that a RMS Technologies Stepper motor controller expects. It then sends the command to the designated COM port and waits for a response from the Step Motor controller, returning that response to the MatLab script.

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