Code to get unique name of the Portlet

[color=Purple][b]Get unique names of portlets on page from within a theme[/b][/color] // lookup service
Context ctx = new InitialContext();
PortletModelHomehome = (PortletModelHome)
if (home != null) {
PortletModelportletModel =
home.getPortletModelProvider().getPortletModel(aPage, aRequest, aResponse);
// use service
for ( // all nodes of the current page ) {
if (node instanceofLayoutControl) {
PortletWindowportletWindow =
portletModel.getPortletWindow((LayoutControl) node);
PortletDefinitionportletDef =
String portletUniqueName = portletDef.getObjectID().getUniqueName();

[color=Purple][b]Note[/b]:[/color]Lookup the service home,
can be done once
Get a service instance,
Needs to be done per request

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