Need help with python assigments as sooon as possible

I'm having some trouble with these exercises with posting the square root especially for #2. I can't get it to continue as a loop to figure out the rest of the roots. I'm entirely sure how to go about #3 at all.

#2.) Create a function that accepts a number larger than 2. The function
should return the number of times we should take sqrt of the number
until then number is strictly less than 2.

The main function keeps asking number from the key board. If you
want another number you say 'y' and if not any other letter.

As long as the answer is yes, ask for another number from the key-
board. For each number you apply the function that computes the
above. Then you have to print the input and what is the number of
times we needed to take a sqrt of this number to bring the input into
a number strictly less than 2.

What would be the result if we ask for the number of times we do:
n = n(1/4) until the number is strictly less than 2?

3.)Write a program that finds two digit A and B (dont search the web,
and dont try 'manually') so that we get a two digit number AB (say
A = 9, B = 8 then the number is 89) and so that AB *AB = CAB for
some digit C. Thus if you square AB you get a 3 digit number. The
two last digits in AB^2 are AB but the first digit is some C that may
not related necessarily to A or B.


  • Do you know the concept of recursion? I hope that gives you a hint. And please, write some code to show effort so we can really help you from there.It also helps you develop as a programmer
  • are you still looking?
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