Single Chip Microcomputer in VHDL

I'm trying to get interest in putting old retro microcomputers onto single chip FPGA / ASICs like the Altera STRATIX and Hardcopy ASIC.

Machines like the Coco 3 onto a single chip, Acorn BBC ,Sinclair ZX spectrum etc. i know some of these machines have been put onto the Altera DE0 development board, but it's a bit of a 'fudge'

I want to make a 'Universal Microcomputer Development Board' ... "UMDB" that would be specifically designed for the job giving it lots of connectors and ports.

It would be aimed at VHDL programmers , hobbyists , students and those generally interested in learning about electronics and microcomputers.

If you are interested please email me ...


  • Great info..
    I will give this information to my friend who still learn about computer. may be your training can help him.
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