automatic alert!

hey guys!!
i need help with the date time.. since i want to an automatic alert 2 appear once the particular date has come. for ex :

DateTime dt = DateTime.Today.AddMonths(-2).AddDays(-3);

//Today 2 months before and 3 days

for ma software its

DateTime dt = DateTime.Today.AddDays(+3);

bt nw i do nt knw hw 2 compare this with ma database...

DateTime dt= Datetime.Today.addDays(+3);
string dr;
string strSql = "SELECt Exp_date FROM tblwarranty Where Exp_Date='" +DateTime.Parse)txtexpdate.Text.ToString()) + "'";
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(strsql, db.myConn);
dr = Convert.ToString(dt);
res = cmd.ExecuteQuery();

n den theres an if cond.... bt it aint workin cld sum1 help!!!!
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