If condition for moving to another page

Good day!

I want to know what is wrong in my code that's why when i choose in select option it did not go to another page...Like when I select "Incoming" nothing happen also when I choose "Outgoing" nothing also happen.

Here is my code:

include ("config.php");

$call_type = $_POST['call_type'];

$query=mysql_query("SELECT `call_type` FROM `tbl_calltype` WHERE `call_type` = '{$call_type}'") or die(mysql_error());
$result = mysql_num_rows($query);

if ($result == 1){

if($call_type == 'Incoming'){
header ('Location:incoming.php');
elseif($call_type == 'Outgoing'){
header ('Location:outgoing.php');

Select Call Type


Thank you


  • header() is a really picky function; if you have any browser output at all before calling it, you won't get anything - that includes any files that you "require" or "include". Check that first.

    Another thing to try is the identity operator. if($call_type === 'Incoming') { ... }

    One last thing is try outputting a string of some kind from within your if/else if/else structure. If you see your output, then header() is *probably* not liking something - browser output, stray new line at the end of a file, etc.
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