transfering a whole row from access to

the task is a EPOS system and ive got it that the barcode number (PLU) is sent to access and im trying to return the values of the whole row which PLU code corresponds to it, but it wont work. the data is sent into a textbox

If a = TextBox1.Text Then

rec = mdb.OpenRecordset("ITEMS", DAO.RecordsetTypeEnum.dbOpenTable)
rec.Index = "PrimaryKey"
rec.Seek("=", TextBox1.Text)
If rec.NoMatch() Then
MsgBox("Record Not Found")
Return (rec.Fields("PLU", "MANUFACTURE", "ITEM", "ITEM NAME", "SIZE", "COLOUR", "PRICE").Value)
End If

End If

if any more info is need just ask

Thank you

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