Need help for my thesis.

I have my thesis this semester and part of it is having a gallery for the organization. I have done uploading of picture on the same directory. My problem is how can i put the picture to the folder i have make.

-----------------------JAVASCRIPT CODE--------------------------



upload_url: "upfile.php,
file_post_name: 'uploadfile',
file_size_limit : "1024",
file_types : "*.jpg;*.png;*.gif",
file_types_description : "Image files",
file_upload_limit : 50,
flash_url : "js/swfupload/swfupload.swf",
button_image_url : 'js/swfupload/wdp_buttons_upload_114x29.png',
button_width : 114,
button_height : 29,
button_placeholder : $('#button')[0],
debug: false
.bind('fileQueued', function(event, file){
var listitem=''+
'File: '' ('+Math.round(file.size/1024)+' KB) '+


' '+
$('li#'' .cancel').bind('click', function(){
var swfu = $.swfupload.getInstance('#swfupload-control');
// start the upload since it's queued
.bind('fileQueueError', function(event, file, errorCode, message){
alert('Size of the file '' is greater than limit');
.bind('fileDialogComplete', function(event, numFilesSelected, numFilesQueued){
$('#queuestatus').text('Files Selected: '+numFilesSelected+' / Queued Files: '+numFilesQueued);
.bind('uploadStart', function(event, file){
$('#log li#''p.status').text('Uploading...');
$('#log li#''span.progressvalue').text('0%');
$('#log li#''span.cancel').hide();
.bind('uploadProgress', function(event, file, bytesLoaded){
//Show Progress
var percentage=Math.round((bytesLoaded/file.size)*100);
$('#log li#''div.progress').css('width', percentage+'%');
$('#log li#''span.progressvalue').text(percentage+'%');
.bind('uploadSuccess', function(event, file, serverData){
var item=$('#log li#';

item.find('div.progress').css('width', '100%');

var pathtofile='view »';
item.addClass('success').find('p.status').html('Done!!! | '+pathtofile);
.bind('uploadComplete', function(event, file){
// upload has completed, try the next one in the queue



//echo "album".$album;
mkdir('images/gallery/'.$album, 0777);

$uploaddir = './images/gallery/'.$album.'/';
$file = $uploaddir . basename($_FILES['uploadfile']['name']);
echo "error file size > 1 MB";
if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES['uploadfile']['tmp_name'], $file)) {
echo "success";
} else {
echo "error ".$_FILES['uploadfile']['error']." --- ".$_FILES['uploadfile']['tmp_name']." %%% ".$file."($size)";

-----------------------HTML CODE--------------------------
Album Name:
Upload Date: "/>

    I hope you can help me. Thank you very much
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