Program not compiling

Hi, thanks in advance for your replies. I have written a game app in Delphi 6 with unDelphiX as graphics lib. When I had WinVista on my machine everything compiled just fine but since I moved to Win 7 my app won't compile. What I mean is when you hit F9 to compile the project nothing happens, I've changed administrator and all the other settings I could think of but no joy. Funny thing is that most of my other programs are comiling just fine, even one that also uses UnDelphiX.

When I do stepover (F8), the cursor jumps from Initialize, Title, CreateForm but it skips Application.Run (See below) ...don't know if that means anything. It also uses the same units as the program that runs fine.

Your help is appreciated.

program Game;

GameU in 'GameU.pas' {FormGame};

{$R *.res}

Application.Title := 'Math Genius';
Application.CreateForm(TFormGame, FormGame);
Application.Run; ---------> skips???
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